Saturday, September 12, 2015


Now that September is here, summer is winding down & fall is well on its way.
Kids are lined up outside waiting for the bus. The temperature is dropping. The trees are beginning to change colour. Pumpkin flavoured everything is popping up (YUM).

Today I'm really feeling the fall weather. It's rainy and cool outside. I decided to take Lil' Sprout out to get some craft supplies. I had the bright idea to start making his halloween costume this weekend. With inspiration from my sister, I decided on an easy costume that both Lil' Sprout and I can make together. This year, he will be an alien. I picked up some bright, fun fabric in the clearance section of our fabric store. We stopped at the dollar store to grab some colourful and simple decorations for the costume. On the way back, Lil' Sprout passed out.

Now I sit here, sipping tea, with a cat in my lap, conjuring ideas on cute little green aliens while Lil' Sprout takes a power nap.

So tell me, what are your little ones going to be for halloween this year?

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