Thursday, December 4, 2014

I suppose it's time to wake up the blog. It seems to have hibernated through the summer and fall. Alas, I am back. So let's just get right into it.

In my last post (way back in the spring... whoa), I mentioned how I had a few projects on the go. Some birthday gifts and some home projects. As it turns out, the home projects aren't quite finished. I have come to the realization, that, we are a family who has all these great ideas, plans and intentions; however, we rarely finish anything. That's just how it is. And as a result, my craft room is not finished. In fact, it's barely even started. In the meantime, you can check out my pinspiration for the craft room here. I have also set up a temporary crafting corner in my guest room. I'll post some pictures once I vacuum. This place is a mess.

Another home project that we (haven't) finished was the bunk beds in lil' Sprout's room. I took some shots of the progress and figure, hey if it's good enough for us, it's good enough to show you. So here it is:

We essentially turned lil' Sprout's closet into bunk beds. Here is his closet.
And here is no closet. As it turned out, we had to completely tear down the existing closet and start from scratch. His existing closet was not big enough to house a mattress.

The beginnings of a bunk.
Ta-da! The top bunk is a single bed and the bottom bunk is a double bed. Perfect for sleepovers.

We also added windows in one wall.
The bunks are great. Lil' Sprout still sleeps on the bottom bunk for now, but he does like to climb up every now and then to check things out up there.

The birthday gifts were much smaller projects, and so, they were actually completed. For my niece, I put together an apron and floppy chef's hat.  It turned out great!

If you remember, I mentioned in my last post that I made a headband for my sister in law. After a few prototypes, that is, once I got the fit right, it turned out beautiful. It's difficult to make a headband for someone when you have no exact measurements, and even more so if you want to keep it a surprise. Eventually I had to tell her about it so she could try it on and I could get a better idea of how it would fit. You can check out the pattern I followed over at Gleeful Things.

A few other things that I put together lately include: 
  • two Frozen inspired apron style costumes for another nieces' birthday (a step-by-step tutorial can be found here)

  • mini trick or treat bags for lil' Sprout and his cousins for this past Halloween (I just sorta winged it, but used this video tutorial for the words on the bags) 

  • and a little dress as a Christmas gift for someone special. You'll have to stay tuned for that one. Hopefully sooner rather than later this time.

So tell me, what crafty things have you been up to lately?

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